The Syrian Goddess

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Author  Lucian
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   May 22, 2010
ISBN  1452881626
Pages  90

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To the student of oriental religions the Dea Syria is brimful of interest. It describes the cult and worship of the goddess of Northern Syria, Atargatis, at her sacred city, Hierapolis, now Mumbij. The time when Lucian wrote would be the middle of the second century B.C. We do not see any reason to reject the traditional authorship of the treatise: on the contrary, the work seems to reveal the famous satirist at home, taking a natural interest in local memories and institutions, while making, doubtless, mental notes that were to prove of use in the works for which he is best known. INTRODUCTORY The Sacred City Origins of Temples and Shrines THE OLDEST SHRINES AND CULTS OF SYRIA. Hercules of Tyre The Phœnician Astarte at Sidon. Legend of Europa Aphrodite of Byblos and the Legend of Adonis Legend of Osiris at Byblos The Adonis River; its red colour Cult of Aphrodite in the Lebanon at Aphaca Hierapolis: The greatest Sanctuary. Its Pilgrims LEGENDS OF FOUNDATION. Ascribed by some to Deukalion. Story of the Deluge Story of the Chasm Assigned by others to Semiramis. Derceto, the Fish-Goddess By others again to the Lydian Attis Lucian shares the View that it was founded by Dionysus Re-built by Stratonice Story of Stratonice and Combabus DESCRIPTION OF THE TEMPLE AND SHRINES. The Inner Sanctuary. The Effigies Comprehensive Character of the Goddess Object between the God and Goddess The Sun God A Bearded Apollo Image of the God borne by the Priests in Divination Atlas and other Images Sacred Animals The Priests and Temple Attendants RITES AND CEREMONIES. The Sacrifices Sacred Lake and Fishes Ceremony at the Lake Ceremony at the Euphrates ("The Sea") Festival of the Pyre CUSTOMS AND INSTITUTIONS. The Galli Their Initiation Ceremonies Their Burial Animals used in Sacrifice. Sanctity of the Dove Tonsure and other Customs of Pilgrims Method of Sacrifice. The Libation Human Sacrifice Tattoo Sacrifice of Hair

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