Survivors of the Great Tsunami


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Author  Alewyn J Raubenheimer
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   September 19, 2011
ISBN  1451527748
Pages  428

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Survivors of the Great Tsunami is a factual account of a forgotten West European civilization in Early Antiquity. This empire from more than 4000 years ago is unknown to, or has been denied by historians to this day. An ancient manuscript was discovered in the Netherlands in 1867 and declared a fraud by linguists and historians. By comparing this manuscript with numerous authors from antiquity as well as modern sciences such as archaeology, paleoclimatolgy, genetics, linguistics and oceanography, the manuscript was found to be true in every instance. Europe's Rosetta Stone had been found. The reader is taken on a journey to examine the memoirs of men and women from Western Europe who suffered the biggest catastrophe in the history of man; the catastrophe that killed millions and became known as Noah's Flood. The manuscript reflects the adventures of these people as they led other survivors of the disaster into the Iron Age. The pioneers from Europe's western seaboard founded the ancient civilizations from Greece to Persia. They introduced the world to carbonized steel, chariot warfare, cavalry charges astronomy and mathematics. They gave man the Greek alphabet, Indo-Arabian numerals, democracy, free enterprise and monotheism. Four thousand years ago they tried their hand at arms control and nature conservation. The author provides maps and satellite images of this forgotten civilization whose extent was greater than that of the European Union. The reader is also presented with ancient maps and irrefutable photographic evidence of an inhabited land the size of Britain which now lies more than 1000 meters below the cold waters of the North Atlantic. The well substantiated disclosures in Survivors of the Great Tsunami suggest that hereto accepted European, Asian and World history had been severely compromised in the past. For too long have historians and others denied the pivotal role that Western Europe had played in antiquity. Their legacy is incalculable.

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