A History of Greece


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Author  Sir William Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 7, 2010
ISBN  1451012802
Pages  744

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PREFACE BY THE AMERICAN EDITOR. No history is so full of instruction &.s that of Greece, and there is none whose lessons have bcen more uniformly pErverted. Gillies treated it as an exposition of the" incurable evils inherent in every form of republican policy," and dedicated his work to the King. Mitford wrote from a point of view s~ purely English, that, with all his learning and industry, he was never able to understand the distinction between a republican and a demagogue.' 'Ve have all been taught that the condemnation of lliltiades was a flagrant instan~e of republican in. gratitude; that the Athenian democracy was fickle, and cowardly, and mean; and that the happy days of Greece were those transient pauses which followed the concentration of power in the hands of a.n oligarchy 'or a tyrant. Now, if there be any va!ue in history, it must consist in the truthful record ~ man's tendency. to grow wiscr and better, or more ignorant and more wicked, undcr' par

Table of Contents

CONTENTS; INTRODUCTION-OUTLDlES OF GRECIAN GEOGRAPHY; ~ 1 The three peninsulas of Southern Europe 92 Position and boundaries; of Greece 93 Size of the country 94 Name 95 Northern Greece:; Thessaly and Epirus 9 6 Central Greece: its principal divisions and; mountains 9 7 Eastcrn half of C€ntral Greece: Doris, Phocis, Locris,; Breotia, Attica, Megaris 9 s Vestern half of Central Greece: Ozolian; Locris, iEtolia, Acarnania 99 Peloponnesus: Arcadia 9 10 Achaia,; Argolis, Laconia, Messenia, Elis 9 11 The Grecian Islands 9 12 Influence; of the physical geography of Greece upon the political destinies of; the people 913 Likewise upon their intellectual character 9 14 Rivers; md chief productions 9 15 Climate " ••• Page 1; BOOK I; THE MYTHICAL AGE; CHAPTER 1; THE EORLIEST I:iIUDITANTS OF GREECE; Q l Legendary character of early Grecian histo

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