The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians...


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Author  Charles Rollin
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 26, 2012
ISBN  1451005962
Pages  800

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StrCCESSORS CONTIVUED. ARTICLE I. CONTAINING THE WHOLE REIGN OF PERSEUS. -PAOE. Sect. I. Perseus prepares for war against the Romans. He endeavors a reconciliation with tlie A cliajaus, 245 Sect. II. Licinius and Perseus take the Field. The latter lias at first considerably the advantage, -- 201 Sect III. Marcius enters Macedonia. Perseus takes alarm ;but afterwards resumes Courage, 274 Sect. IV. Celebrated Victory of milius, near the City of Pydna. Perseus taken Prisoner with all his Children, .... 284 ARTICLE II. TROM THE DEFEAT OF PERSEUS, TO THE TAKING AND DESTRUCTION OF CORINTH BY MUMMIUS. Sect. I. Attains comes to Rome to congratulate the Romans on their success in Macedonia, 322 Sect. II. A riarathes dies, and is succeeded by his Son. Death of Eumenes. War between A ttalus and Prusias, 336 Sect. III. A ndi-iscus, pretended Son of Perseus, causes himself to be proclaimed King of Macedonia, 349 Sect. IV Troubles in A chaia. Metellns and Mummius settle those troubles. The latter takes Corinth and destroys it, -- -352 Sect. V. Reflections on the causes of the Grandeur, Declen.sion, and Ruin of Greece, -- 3(52 The first and second A ges of Greece, -- .... .33 Tlie third A ge of Greece, .;i;.. ;,., .,-= -..i.-.364 The fourth A ge of Greece, 367 ARTICLE III. FROM THE TWENTIETH YEAR OF PTOLEMY PHILOMETER, TO THE EXPUL- SION OF PTOLEMY AULETES. Sect. I. Chronological abridgment of the History of the Kings of Egypt and Syria, -- -372 Sect. I f. -V ntiocluis Eupator succeeds to the Kingdom of Syria. Celebrated victories of .J udas Maccabeus, 375 Sect. III. Octavius, the Roman Ambassador in Syria, is killed. Death of Judas Maccabeus, 383 Sect. IV. Phvscon espouses Cleopatra and ascends the Throne of Egypt, -394 .S ect. V. Sidetes takes Jerusalem, and then he makes war against the ., Parthians. Physcon s Cruelty and Death, 412 :S ect. VI. Ptolemy Lathyrns succeeds
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