A History of Greek Literature from the Earliest...


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Author  F. Jevons
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 9, 2010
ISBN  1451004117
Pages  532

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BOOK I. E PIC POE TRY. II CHAPTER I. THE ILIAD. 'VHATEVER may have been the authorship, origin, original form, and date of the Homeric poems, the fact remains that it is in their present form that they have commanded the aumiration of men for more than t,,·o thousand years, have been the muuel for epic poetry, the inspiration of puets of all kinds, and have maue the name of Homer greater than any name in literature. Therefore, before dissecting the poems of Homer, or rather vivisecting them, for they yet Ii 'c, let us au mire the beauty of their form, the firmness of t)leir outlines, the purity of their Greek features, allll the soul which gives expresoSion to them. And this we Illay do without pl'c-j11l1ging any of the questions to which these poems have given rise; for tho;:;e who ad"ocate the hypothesii' of several authors are as warm in tlIe praise of our existi ng Homer, as are the su ppol'ters of Homer's unui viued au thorshi p. Indeeu, the example of

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CONTENTS; INTRODUCTORY; Difference between classical period and later periods of Greek litera; ture-Greek literature the proper introduction to literature; generally-Classical period divisible into poetry (epic, lyric,; PAGS; and dramatic) and prose (history, oratory, and philosophy) I; PART 1; EPIC, LYRIC, AND THE DRAnIA; BOOK I-EPIC POETRY; CHAPTER I; THE ILIAD; Its background-Three ways of paintillg in a background-Skill of; Homer-The plot-Its unity and interconnection-Artistic dis·; posal of sideissues • 7; CHAPTER II; TilE ODYSSEY; Its modern popularity - Unity - TelemaclLia - Miirclwl - The; "kernel "-The climax-Transformation of Odysseus • J 7; CHAPTER III; TIlE 1I0MERIC QUESTION; The early Separatists-Modern Chorizontes-'Volf-Commission of; Pisistratus - Hermann - Lachmanll - Diaskeuasts - Grote-; Paley--Conclusion :: 5; x CO:,TE~T

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