Ancient Empires of the East, Vol. 1


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Author  A. H. Sayce
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 13, 2012
ISBN  1451002416
Pages  566

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Associate Editors and Authors ARCHIBALD HENRY SAYCE, LL. D., Professor of A ssyriology, Oxford University CHRISTOPHER JOHNSTON, M. D., Ph. D., Associate Professor ofO riental History and A rchaeology, Johns Hopkins University C. W. C. OMAN, LL. D., Professor of History, Oxford University THEODOR MOMMSEN, Late Professor of Ancient History, University of Berlin ARTHUR C. HOWLAND, Ph. D., Department of History, University of Pennsylvania CHARLES MERIVALE, LL. D., Late Dean of Ely, formerly Lecturer inH istory, Cambridge University J. HIGGINSON CABOT, Ph.D., Department of History, IV ellesley College SIR WILLIAM W. HUNTER, F. R. S., Late Director-G eneral of Statistics in India GEORGE M. DUTCHER, Ph. D., Professor of History, Wesleyan University SIR ROBERT K. DOUGLAS, Professor of Chinese, King sC ollege, London JEREMIAH WHIPPLE JENKS, Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of Political Economy and Politics, Cornell University KANICHI ASAKAWA, Ph. D., Instructor in the History of Japanese Civilisation, Yale University WILFRED HAROLD MUNRO, Ph. D., Professor of European History, Brown University G. MERCER ADAM, Historian andE ditor FRED MORROW FLING, Ph. D., Professor of European History, University of Nebraska FRANCOIS AUGUSTE MARIE MIGNET, Late Member of the French Academy JAMES WESTFALL THOMPSON, Ph. D., Department of History, University of Chicago SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER, LL. D., Professor of Modern History, King sC ollege, London R. W. JOYCE, LL. D.
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