Hebrew and Babylonian Traditions

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Author  Morris Jastrow
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 9, 2012
ISBN  145100222X
Pages  398

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Oberlin College to become the Haskell Lecturer for 1913, I welcomed the opportunity to bring to a temporary close studies on the relationship between Hebrews and Babylonians that had occupied me, though with prolonged interrup tions, for a long term of years. Impressed by the fact that the civilisation of the Hebrews and Baby lonians moved along such different lines, despite the many features they had in common, I felt that the real problem involved in a comparative study of Hebrew and Babylonian folk-tales, beliefs, religious practices, and modes of thought was to determine the factor or factors that led to such entirely different issues in the case of the two peoples. A rchaeological research, in combination with the ascertained and generally accepted results of biblical studies, had demonstrated the close bond existing between Hebrew and Babylonian traditions to use a conveniently comprehensive term beyond ques tion.
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