The History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero...

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Author  Conyers Middleton
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
ISBN  1451002084
Pages  442

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The History of the Life A. Urb. 696. of gratitude, as well as prudence, to be more ob Cic. 50. fervant of them than he had hitherto been :the P.C oRNEL ius tjon the other hand, with the Magiftrates, Lentulus and the honeft of all ranks, were zealous in his Spinther, caufe ;and the Confid Lentulus above all feemed QJJ ci Lius j;o make it the fok end and glory of his admmifira Nepos i . This uncommon confent of oppofite parties in promoting his reftoration, drew upon him a variety of obligations which muft needs often claf Joand interfere with each other; and which it was his part flill to manage fo, as to make them confiftent vith his honour, his fafety, his private, and his public duty: thefe were to be the fprings and motives of his new life the hinges on which his future condu6l was to turn jand to do juftice feverally to them ail, and affign to each its proper weight a7id meafure of infiuence required his utmoft fkill and addrefs f. The day after his arrival, on the fifth of September the Confuls fummoned the Senate, to give him an opportunity of paying his thanks to them in public for their, late fervices ;where, after a general profefnon of his obligations to them all, he made his particular acknowledgments to each Magifbrate by name, to the Confuls ,the ribuns -, the Frotors: he add relied himfelf to .the Trihims before the Prrj ;not for the dignity of their office, for in that they were inferior, but for their greater authority in making laws 5and confequently, their greater merit in carrying F Hoc fpecimcn I lrtutls, liOG iri Jicium animi, hc lumen confulatus fai fore putavir, fi me mihi, fi meis, i Re- pub. reddidifiet. Pofl red. in fen. 4. f Sed quia fsepe concurrit, propter aliquorum de :ne mritorum intwi ipfos contentiones, ut eodem tempore in omnes verear ne vix pol Tiin gratus videri. Sed ego hoc meis ponderibus examinabo ,non folum quid cuique
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