Ancient Greek Cretan Hieroglyphics


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Author  Gregory Zorzos
Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date   February 5, 2010
ISBN  1450575730
Pages  728

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This book presents the ancient Greek symbols of Cretan hieroglyphs. The collection of these symbols is unique and helps the researches to have a reference guide to their researches. You can use this book also with the other books of the author about Linear A and B and other ancient writing systems in case to learn them as class tests. The relevant books of the author are: 1. Learning Old Macedonian Greek 2. Learning Old Greek Thracian 3. Learning Old Greek Carian 4. Learning Old Greek Phrygian 5. Learning Old Greek Lycian 6. Learning Old Greek Ogham 7. Learning Old Greek Oscan 8. Learning Old Greeks Macedonian, Thracian, Oscan, Carian, Lycian, Phrygian 9. Learning Old Greek Etruscan Vols I, II, III, IV 10. Learning Old Greek Umbrian 11. Learning Mycenaean Linear B and English Glossary 12. Minoan Lexicon 13. Learning Ancient Greek Linear B Vols I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IIX 14. Linear A 15. Linear B Volume Vols I, II, III, IV

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