Serpent in the labyrinth/11


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Author  Jules Bywater-Lees
Publisher  CreateSpace
Publication Date   January 30, 2010
ISBN  1450512666
Pages  518

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We live in complex times. Despite science leading humanity to ever greater heights of achievement religious fundamentalism still attempts to regain its grip through fear, preaching and occasionally terror. At the very core of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the off spring of one parent, is God's great plan of suffering and servitude that will only end during the apocalypse where the good will be separated from the wicked and a new world will be created. It is a powerful concept, and one that permeates many aspects of culture and society. Serpent in the Labyrinth is an epic exploration of humanities past that ultimately finds the source of apocalyptic belief and its impact on today's society . Serpent in the Labyrinth is a true life detective adventure that journeys from the deserts of Egypt to the rainforests of Belize, and from the deserts of Palestine to the high plains of Bolivia in a hunt to solve a little mystery. It is a journey that ultimately challenges the notion of who Jesus really was and why Christianity exploded into the ancient world. Serpent in the Labyrinth explores many mysteries and myths in our ancient history that include Exodus, Troy, and even Atlantis and despite drawing fantastic conclusions they are not incredible. The study demonstrates conclusively that the events of 9/11 are directly connected to events in humanities distant past.

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