The African-American Family Reunion

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Author  Jimmielee Denton-Hatten
Publisher  Xlibris, Corp.
Publication Date   May 13, 2010
ISBN  1450016987
Pages  100

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When soul searching, do you sometimes feel a lack of alliance or a void in your life to the world around you? Then you MUST read this new book! Mrs. Hatten has worked very hard to reinstate the original inheritance. She, through timeless research efforts, has unraveled the hidden truths about the rich, splendid and beautiful legacy left by Noah's three grandsons. 1. Egypt also known as Mizraim, Misr and Kimet; 2. Ethiopia also known as Cush, Nubia, Meroe and Abyssinia; 3. The 12 Tribes of Canaan. This informative book features everything you ever wanted to know about African - Americans - past, present and future. It ACKNOWLEDGES our reunion with the historical timeline of the ancient ancestors to the African forefathers of America. It is in RECOGNITION of the Black psyche "body, soul & spirit" in relation to Black culture & traditions when competing in the establishment. This marvelous book is a gift for the little persons in your life, or that wonderful parent or grandparent.

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