Legend of Ram-Retold


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Author  Sanujit Ghose
Publisher  PublishAmerica
Publication Date   December 21, 2009
ISBN  1448925347
Pages  217

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"There are quite a few ancient epics around the world, the Ramayana being one, composed some time before the Christian era. The Ramayana tells a simple tale of a prince exiled. What makes the saga unique is that the chief characters appear in the Rg Veda (1st millennium BC). Zend Avesta (1750 BC) offers prayers to Ram. The Babylonian, Assyrian and Mitannian myths get linked to Ramman. Legend of Ram portrays the advance of agriculture from the north of Europe, rolling down to Anatolia, the Arab peninsula and India. The ascent of pastoral civilization draws round thousands of folk tales and more than two hundred Ramayanas in Asia, alongside the Buddhist, the Jain, and the Islam religions.

This fascinating saga of Ram utilizes the wide array of primary and secondary source materials with mythological, historical and archaeological support to reveal deification of Ram through the ages."

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