Classical Archaeology

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Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   May 21, 2012
ISBN  1444336916
Pages  548

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The fully revised second edition of this successful volume includesupdates on the latest archaeological research in all chapters, andtwo new essays on Greek and Roman art.  It retains its unique,paired essay format, as well as key contributions from leadingarchaeologists and historians of the classical world.

  • Second edition is updated and revised throughout, showcasingthe latest research and fresh theoretical approaches in classicalarchaeology
  • Includes brand new essays on ancient Greek and Roman art in amodern context
  • Designed to encourage critical thinking about theinterpretation of ancient material culture and the role of modernperceptions in shaping the study of art and archaeology
  • Features paired essays – one covering the Greek world,the other, the Roman – to stimulate a dialogue not onlybetween the two ancient cultures, but between scholars fromdifferent historiographic and methodological traditions
  • Includes maps, chronologies, diagrams, photographs, and shorteditorial introductions to each chapter

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