The Incas

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Author  Terence N. D'Altroy
Publisher  Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date   May 27, 2014
ISBN  1444331159
Pages  566

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The Incas is a captivating exploration of one of thegreatest civilizations ever seen.  Seamlessly drawing onhistory, archaeology, and ethnography, this thoroughly updated newedition integrates advances made in hundreds of new studiesconducted over the last decade.

• Written by one of the world’s leading expertson Inca civilization

• Covers Inca history, politics, economy, ideology,society, and military organization

• Explores advances in research that includepre-imperial Inca society; the royal capital of Cuzco; the sacredlandscape; royal estates;  Machu Picchu; provincial relations;the khipu information-recording technology; languages, timeframes, gender relations, effects on human biology, and dailylife

• Explicitly examines how the Inca world view andphilosophy affected the character of the empire

• Illustrated with over 90 maps, figures, andphotographs

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