The Mystery of the Ten Lost Tribes


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Author  Ziva Shavitsky
Publisher  Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication Date   January 1, 2012
ISBN  1443835021
Pages  270

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There have been many legends and traditions regarding the ten lost tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. This book draws upon extensive discoveries and information published regarding the movement of the People of Israel and Judah from Davidic times to the dawn of the Hellenistic period. The author has tested the biblical records against archaeological evidence, testimony and inscriptions found in Syria, Assyria, Babylon and Persia. In very many cases, the inscriptions excavated in these places coincide almost word for word with the biblical record. The early chapters also investigate evidence of migrations and movement by people to neighbouring countries by reason of seeking sanctuary, trade, marriage or in times of famine. Evidence has been found supporting the theory that many of the Northern Captives joined the tribes of the South who continued to live independently until the destruction of the First Temple. Hence it is not just a matter of investigating the transfer of captives out of Judah and the Northern Kingdom but also additional evidence found in the Bible or documents that bear evidence to Jewish people who lived, traded or served in various capacities in other lands. There is also some clear indication that many of the later captives joined their brethren who had been exiled to other lands earlier. The later chapters mention some traditions and legends that exist among many tribes that to this day trace their origins to the Exiles who belonged to the twelve tribes of Israel and Judah.

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