Echoes from the Greek Bronze Age


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Author  Robert D. Morritt
Publisher  Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication Date   November 1, 2010
ISBN  1443824895
Pages  215

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Echoes from the Greek Bronze Age is the result of much that the author has read over several years. It is a study of the thoughts and works of early thinkers, from Hecataeus the early cartographer, to Herodotus survey of the then 'known world,' the thoughts of Anaxagoras, Xenophon s descriptions, and the sayings of Xenophanes. Simones work on the art of memory, 'The Loci' and its influence so many years later on Giordano Bruno declared as a heretic are also explored. This book will interest readers who enjoy history, archaic scientific observations and those who desire a good read, rather than that found within a turgid Classical monograph.

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