Classical Acupuncture Verses For 100 Diseases...


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Author  Dr. Pharm Tao
Publisher  CreateSpace
Publication Date   March 17, 2009
ISBN  1442104074
Pages  34

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Written by famous physicians, these acupuncture verses recorded the experience of how to choose the most effective acupuncture points for the treatment of more than 100 diseases. These verses extracted the most valuable experience in practicing Chinese medicine. Clinicians in China still use these verses as important references to help them solve difficult medical problems. These acupuncture verses have been reprinted for hundreds of years, and learned by generations and generations of acupuncturists. They are the "must-learn" verses in Chinese medicine education in China. They are included in acupuncture textbooks used by all of the Chinese medicine colleges in China. The verses translated here are the most popular and valuable acupuncture verses in Chinese medicine history, including "Acupuncture for A Hundred Diseases in Verse (Bai Zheng Fu)," "The Jade Dragon Verse of Using Acupuncture (Yu Long Fu)," and "Understanding the Miracle and Essence of Acupuncture (Tong Xuan Zhi Yao Fu)."

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