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Author  Guglielmo Ferrero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 9, 2012
ISBN  1440096155
Pages  296

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College de France invited me to deliver, during November of that year, a course of lectures on Roman history. I accepted, giving a r6sum, in eight lectures, of the history of the government of Augustus from the end of the civil wars to his death; that is, a r6sum6 of the matter contained in the fourth and fifth volumes of theE nglish edition of my work, The Greatness and Decline of Rome. Following these lectures came a request from M. Emilio Mitre, Editor of the chief newspaper of the Argentine Republic, theN acion, and one from the Academia Brazileira de Lettras of Rio de Janeiro, to deliver a course of lectures in the Argentine and Brazilian capitals. I gave to theS outh American course a more general character than that delivered in Paris, introducing arguments which would interest a public having a less specialized knowledge of history than the public I had addressed in Paris.
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