The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians...


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Author  Charles Principal Of The University Of Paris
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
ISBN  1440092338
Pages  774

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EiMV, THE SON OF LAC.ITS, AK0 PTOLEMY PHII.ADELPHUS. PAGE. Sect. T. The four victorious Princes divicle the Empire of A lcxaidcr tlie Great iuto as many Kingdoms, ------- 502 Sect. II. Dispute between tlio two Sons of Cassaiider. Demetrius proclaimed King of Macedonia, -------- 510 Sect. III. Ptolemy Soter resigns his kingdom to his Son Ptolemy Philadelphus. Library of Alexandria founded, ----- 520 Sect. IV. lagnificent Solemnity at the I nanguration of Ptolemy Philadelphus, king of Egypt, -------- 526 Sect. V. Conunenceniont of the Keign of Ptolemy Philadelphus. Death of Demetrius Phalercus, -------- 53G Sect. VI. Ptolemy Philadelphus causes the Books of the Holy Scriptures to be translated into Greek, ------- 550 Sect. VII. The various Expeditions of Pyrrhus. He is slain at the Siege of A rgos, ----------- 55.3 Sect. VIII. A thens taken by A ntigonns. Ptolemy Philadelphus improves Conimei Te. His Death, ------- 588 Sect. IX. Character and Qualities of Ptolemy Philadelphus, -- ()02 CHAPTER III. INCL tTDING THE KEIGN OF PTOLEMY EVERGETES. Sect. I. Antiochus Theos is poisoned by his Queen Laodice. The Death of Seleucus, ---------- C04 Sect. II. Character of A ratus, wlio delivers Sicyon from Tyranny. The Establishment of the A chains, -..-- G17 Sect. III. A gis attem)ts to reform Sjjarta. He is condemned to die and executed accordingly, --------- (534 Sect. IV. Cleomenes ascends the throne of Sparta. He reforms the Government, and re-establishes the ancient Discipline, -- C50 Sect. V. Battle of Selasia, wherein A ntigonns defeats Cleomenes. A great earthquake at Rhodes, -...-- 6G7 BOOK XYII. THE HISTORY OF ALEXANDERS SUCCESSORS CONTINUED. INCLUDING THE KEIGN OF PTOLEMY PHILOPATOR. Sect. I. Antiochus takes the Strongest Cities in CaJ osyria. He is entirely defeated at the Battle of Raphia, -- -- -- 077 Sect. 11. The v Etolians declare against the A cha ans. Ba
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