First Steps in Assyrian


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Author  L. W. King
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   April 16, 2010
ISBN  1440090009
Pages  554

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PREFACE. TilE aim of the prescnt work is to fllrnlsh the beginncr with all the materials which he will require in his earliest studies of the Assyrian language and the cnneiform inscriptions. It conmins a sketch of the most useful facts concerning the cllneiform system of writing,' and a1 outline of the principles of Assyrian grammar; a list of the more common signs and idcograms; a series of texts nnd extracts printed in the Assyrian cuneiform character with jnt~!linear transliteration and translation, ranging in date from about B. C. 2250 to B. C. 260; and a full vocabulary to all the texts printed in the book. To enable the reader to apply the knowledge he can obtain by a perusal of the first 294 pages, and to give him practice in independent decipherment, a few untransliterated and un translated texts have been added. For the convenience of the beginner all the Babylonian texts included in this volume have been transcribed into the Assyrian character. It is of t

Table of Contents

CONTENTS; Preface; Introdllction :-; Cuneiform inscriptions; Cuneiform writing ; PART 1; The Assyrian method of writ~ng ; Syllabic signs ,; Ideograms; Determinatives and phonetic complements; Phonetic changes; Pronouns; Nouns ; Adverbs; Prepositions; Conjunctions; Verbs; List of Assyrian signs; List of numerals; List of determinatives; List of ideograms for the months; List of ideograms for the principal deities; List of ideograms for the principal countries, cities; and rivers; PA(iE; v; XVII; XXI; XXVI; XXXI[; XXXV; XXXIX; XLV; XLVIII; LIII; LXl; LXIV; LXVI; LX VIII; LXXXVIlI; CXXXIIl; cXXXIV; CXXXV; CXXXVil; CXXXVIIl PART II; Texts with interlinear transliteration and translation:-; I NAMES AND TITLES OF EARLY BAfWIONIAN ANI); ASSYRIAN KINGS ; 2 INSCRIPTION FRO~'1 A CYII NDER OF IjAIMURABI,; KING O~- BABYLON, ABOUT 2200 13 C; See Strassl11uier and VinckIer, Zeilsdtr fiir Assyr,; II, p 17~ f 5-7; 3 TUEMEMORIALTABLET OF RAM[I-lA

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