A History of the Ancient World

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Author  George Willis Botsford
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 16, 2016
ISBN  1440088462
Pages  698

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Excerpt from A History of the Ancient World

The preparation of this volume began as a revision of my Ancient History, but the expansion and alterations have been so extensive as to produce a substantially new book. It is to serve mainly as a practical text-book for meeting new demands in the study of ancient history in secondary schools. In its preparation the advice of educators throughout the country has been obtained; the reports of the Committee of Seven and Committee of Five have been kept in mind; and account has been taken of requirements for admission to college and for state examinations. In brief, every effort has been made to bring the work up to present educational standards. In the labor of preparation I have enjoyed the cooperation of Miss Antoinette Holbrook, Head of the History Department, Chelsea High School, Chelsea, Massachusetts, who has contributed to all parts of the book her experience as a teacher. The proofs have been read, and corrections made, by Professor Eugene Fair, department of Ancient History, State Normal School, Kirksville, Missouri. It gives me pleasure to express my high appreciation of such aid. For the choice and arrangement of topics I am especially indebted to "A History Syllabus for Secondary Schools," prepared under the auspices of the History Teachers' Association of New England. This outline is the one used in the Syllabus of the New York State Education Department.

The newer educational movement rightly lays stress on the causal relations and the significance of events and on culture and social life. My "History of Greece" (1899) did pioneer work in this field; and I now cherish the hope that educators will soon see their way clear to the elimination of many minor persons and events from the study of ancient history to make room for a larger treatment of social and cultural activities.

I have aimed also to bring the book up to date from the point of view of scholarship.

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