Latin Prose Composition

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Author  Henry Carr Pearson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
ISBN  1440088136
Pages  274

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Greek Prose Composition. It is an attempt (i) to combine a thorough and systematic study of the essentials of Latin syntax with abundant practice in translating English into Latin; and (2) to afford constant practice in writing Latin at sight. Part I contains, in graded lessons, the principal points of Latin syntax, the unusual and non-essential being purposely omitted. These lessons are designed for use at the beginning of the second years study of Latin, thereby serving as a partial review of the first years work and as an introduction to the composition work in connection with the prose authors read subsequently. Part II contains short, simple English sentences based on Books I-IV of Caesar s Gallic War. In Books I and II short, model sentences and phrases are selected from the Latin text, so as to direct the students attention more forcibly to the actual Latin usages. Part III presents disconnected English sentences based upon Cicero s Catiline, I, and connected English based upon Cicero s Catiline, II-IV, Pompey s Military Command, A rchias, Marcellus, and Ligarius. There are also carefully graded exercises for general review preparatory to college entrance examinations.
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