A Skeleton Outline of Greek History


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Author  Evelyn Abbott Ab Bott
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
ISBN  1440087822
Pages  206

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Outlines I have drawn from various sources. In the introductory portion, Ideler s Handbuch der Chronologie has been of the most service, though I owe something to J. Brandis sexcellent monograph on early Greek chronology. The important work of A. Mommsen, Chronologie, etc., had not appeared when I wrote the section on the Calendar, but in regard to the Attic festivals I am indebted to the same writers Heortologie. In the Tables I have used Fischer s Zeittafeln, which unfortunately only go down to 560 B.C.; Clinton s Fasti Hellenici ;and the chronological table appended to the German edition of Curtius s History of Greece. In regard to the Peloponnesian war, Thucydides is, of course, sufficient; the period which follows is more confused, for no amount of ingenuity can introduce precision into the chronology of Xenophon. For the period of Demosthenes,
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