Ancient History

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Author  George Rawlinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 16, 2016
ISBN  1440087709
Pages  530

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World's Great Classics by George Rawlinson is an extensive volume on the history of the world. It covers the period of ancient history right up to the fall of the western empire. This particular text is the first part of a set of 61 books that provide one of the most in-depth analyses of the world's history and literature. It is one of the few books available that provide detailed information on entire ancient civilizations and cultures in one place.

Rawlinson breaks up the historical periods in question into five different sections for easy access and quick reference. It starts with the history of ancient Asiatic and African states and moves on to the establishment of the Persian monarchy. The latter half of this work is devoted to the evolution of Greek, Macedonian and Roman empires. Rawlinson summarizes the history of Rome in World's Great Classics in the most fascinating manner with a well thought out structure dividing it into various periods for a clearer understanding of the reader.

World's Great Classics is replete with an impressive set footnotes within the chapters. It is these snippets of information which fill in glaring gaps and provide context and scope for further research in this work. Written in sanguine language with a distinctive style, Rawlinson provides an authoritative undertone to this masterpiece. Whether for general readers wanting an excellent summary of ancient world history or students and scholars of the subject, World's Great Classics should be an integral part of any collection.

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