The Agricola With Introduction and Notes...

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Author  Duane Reed Stuart
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
ISBN  144008761X
Pages  146

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This book attempts to convey in simple form such information as, in the judgment of the editor, should be imparted to the student who first makes acquaintance with Tacitus through the medium of the A gricola. I have aspired to instruct and not to impress. Hence I cannot hope that the professional scholar will learn much that is new to him in these pages. Whatever views learned men may hold concerning the literary genus of the A gricola, to the student the treatise makes its strongest appeal as the story of the life of a man of affairs who deserved well of his country in a troublous age. In the commentary, therefore, I have had more to say about the historical and the political aspects of the biography than about syntactical and stylistic phenomena. I trust that the learned note will be conspicuous by its absence. I have excluded almost entirely references to works of a technical nature and to books written in foreign tongues. However, the initiated will recognize, and I gratefully acknowledge, my indebtedness to A ndresen, Draeger, Furneaux, Gudeman, Hendrickson, Leo, Norden, Peter, Schanz, and Schwabe. Much of the work which has been done on the Agricola since Wex has become common property. I have taken account at least of all the authoritative editions issued since his time.
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