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Author  Dora Pym
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
ISBN  1440084955
Pages  354

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Rome to the understanding of those who would otherwise never know them. Those whose school life has ended at the age of fourteen, and those whose longer education has not included the study of Greek and Latin, may find in these pages some part of what they have missed, and some encouragement, I hope, to read in complete translations the books from which quotations alone are given here. It may be that this book, and the companion volume of Greek literature which is intended to follow it, can bring even to classical students plodding an uninspired way to an examination something of the reality of life in the ancient world which grammar and unseens have successfully withheld. I have tried to make the book suitable alike for a graduate in science or mathematics or for a member of theE nglish Workers Educational Association or American Workers Educational Bureau. It is also designed for use in schools of all kinds, particularly for boys and girls whose scheme of education or professional training allows no time for the study of classical authors in the language in which they wrote. Though the whole book is simply written, and there are parts of it which would be appreciated by children, it is not primarily intended for readers younger than fourteen.
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