A Minimum of Greek

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Author  H. W. Auden
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
ISBN  1440082979
Pages  190

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Greek. Whatever his training has been, he usually does know some Greek at middle age, i.e. he can understand and derive Greek scientific words fairly correctly, but his knowledge has often been reached by circuitous and toilsome paths. This little book is an attempt to give this knowledge in a more systematic and well-ordered fashion, and thus save trouble and an unnecessary tax on the memory. It is easier to have some system for the explanation of such words as dacryocystoblennorrliagia or cryptogenetic actinomycosis than to rely merely on the memory. Greek is the international language of science, and we are nowadays all of us scientific; a few hours spent in acquiring a well-ordered elementary knowledge at the start are amply repaid. It is just possible, too, that this knowledge, though very elementary, might lead some to take a further interest in the Greek language because it is the most perfect of languages, and in Greek literature because it contains the thoughts of the greatest thinkers in the world, and so realize the claims of Greek to a place in any scheme of true education. If there be one such convert, we shall be content.
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