A Popular Account of the Ancient Egyptians...


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Author  John Gardner Wilkinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 18, 2012
ISBN  1440080100
Pages  444

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The present account of the Ancient Egyptians is chiefly an abridgment of that written by me in 1836; to which I have added other matter, in consequence of my having re-visited Egypt, and later discoveries having been made, since that time. I have here and there introduced some remarks relating to the Greeks, thinking that a comparison of the habits and arts of other people, with those of theE gyptians, may be interesting ;and the impulse now given to taste in England has induced me to add some observations on decorative art, as well as on colour, form, and proportion, so well understood in ancient times. And as many of the ideas now gaining ground in this country, regarding colour, adaptability of materials, the non-imitation of natural objects for ornamental purposes, and certain rules to be observed in decorative works, have long been advocated by me, and properly belong to the subject of Egypt, I think the opportunity well suited for expressing my opinion upon them ;while I rejoice that public attention has been invited to take a proper view of the mode of improving taste. Attention being now directed towards the question of the precious metals, some observations, on the comparative wealth of ancient and modern times, have also appeared to be not out of place. Of the Religion and History of Egypt, I have only introduced what is necessary for explaining some points comiected with them ;being persuaded that a detailed account of those subjects would.
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