A History of Greece, Vol. 4

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Author  Connop Thirwall
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 9, 2012
ISBN  1440079706
Pages  478

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UrTUKE BETWEEN THE SPARTANS AND ALCIBIADES. The news of the disaster which had befallen the Athenian arms inS icily, was no doubt soon conveyed by many channels toG reece; but, if we may believe an anecdote preserved by Plutarch1, it did not reach A thens until it was generally known elsewhere. He relates, that a foreigner who had landed atP iraeus, as he took his seat in a barbers shop, happened to mention the event of theS icilian expedition as a subject of conversation which he supposed to be commonly notorious ;and the barber, having hastened to the city to convey the intelligence to the archons, was immediately brought before an assembly of the people, which they summoned to hear his report: but as he was unable to give any account of his informer, he was put to the rack, as the author of a false alarm, until the truth was confirmed by other witnesses. According to another story2, in itself not more improbable, the multitude was assembled in the theatre, listening with unusual delight to a burlesque poem of the Thasian Hegemon, the iN ic. 30. 2C hamaleon in A thenaeus, ix. p.
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