Records of the Past


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Author  Samuel Birch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 18, 2012
ISBN  1440078874
Pages  198

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European students and enquirers, has led to their continuation as far as the present volume. Containing, as they do, the translations of the most important historical texts, they afford to the general enquirer access to most of the sources from which he may derive contemporaneous information. The student finds them invaluable for the purposes of reference and comparison, when sufficiently advanced to essay the depths of this archaic literature without being buoyed up by original documents transliterated and translated. The fact that nearly all the principal Assyriologists andE gyp tologists have contributed to their pages is sufficient to demonstrate that the RECORDS have been regarded as an international enterprize, and available for all the purposes proposed wherever theE nglish language is read or understood, which comprises at least a hundred millions possible readers. The present volume will be found to be very rich in the translations of mythological texts, a branch of enquiry which begins to attract more attention as the mine of historical documents becomes exhausted.
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