The Rising Tide of Color, Against White World-Supremacy...


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Author  Lothrop Stoddard
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
ISBN  144007349X
Pages  372

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Momentous modifications of existing race-relations were evidently impending, and nothing could be more vital to the course of human evolution than the character of these modifications, since upon the quality of human life all else depends. A ccordingly, my attention was thenceforth largely directed to racial matters. In the preface to an historical monograph (T he French Revolution in San Domingo )written shortly before the Great War, I stated: The world-wide struggle between the primary races of mankind the conflict of color as it has been happily termed bids fair to be the fundamental problem of the twentieth century, and great communities like the United States of A merica, the South African Confederation, and Australasia regard the color question7 as perhaps the gravest problem of the future. Those lines were penned in June, 1914. Before their publication the Great War had burst upon the world, At that time several reviewers commented upon the above dictum and wondered whether,, had I written two months later, I should have held a different opinion.
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