The Byzantine Empire


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Author  Charles William Chadwick Oman
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 25, 2012
ISBN  1440072949
Pages  386

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Fifty years a othe word Byzantine was used as a synonym for all that was corrupt and decadent, and the tale of the East-R oman Empire was dismissed by modern historians as depressing and monotonous. The great Gibbon had branded the successors of Justinian and Heraclius as a series of vicious weaklings, and for several generations no one dared to contradict him. Two books have served to undeceive the English reader, the monumental work of Finlay, published in 1856, and the more modern volumes of Mr. Bury, which appeared in 1889. Since they have written, the Byzantines no longer need an apologist, and the great work of the East-R nman Empire in holding back the Saracen, and in keeping alive throughout the Dark A ges the Tamp jq learning-,-J sJ3eginning to be realized. The writer of this book has endeavoured to tell the story of Byzantium in the spirit of Finlay and Bury, not in that of Gibbon.
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