Northern Antiquities, Vol. 1 of 2

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Author  Paul Henri Mallet
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   April 17, 2010
ISBN  1440072051
Pages  488

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TO HIS GRACE THE DUKE O F NORTHUMBERLAND. My Lord, THE following work is infcribed to your Grace with the moil genuine refpec"r_, and, I flatter myfclf, not without propriety, fince it may pofTibly afford amuiement to one of the moft poliuSed Noblemen of the prefent age, to obfcrvc from what rude and fimple beginnings our higheft improvements have been derived; and to trace, to their fource, thofe peculiarities of character, manners and government, which fo remarkably diftinguifh the Teutonic nations. Among the hiftorical digrefllons which our Author has fcattered through his work^ is a full relation of the firft Settlement of the Normans in France. This cannoj Vol. I, A 2 (2) but

Table of Contents

CONTENTS; o F; VOL U MEl; TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE; Proofs that the Teutonic and Celtic Nations; were ab origine two diftina Pe~pk; TH£-AuTHOR'S P:REFACE; General Account if the Work, itI ConnrElion; witb his propofed HiJlory of De1lJ11ark,; &t;; CHAPTER I; IJenrnark difc,ibed and the ftvcral Cou1ltrieJ; jiehjell to its CTOW11, viz J:lorway, Ice~; land, Greenland Page I; C HAP II; Of the fitft Inhabitant; of DC1lJnarR, and; particularly of the Cinzbri p 20; A 3 C HAP G HAP III; Of the Grounds f!f the Ancient ]lijlory of; Dell,!!ar~ a1Zd oJ'the different Opi71i01lJ COJlccrnmg; zt p 4'; C HAP IV; OIOdin, hiJ Arrival ill the 12or! h, his COllq'lldll; and tbe- Chaltges whklJ be made; p 58; C HAP V ; If general idea of the A1lcient Religion cJ; tbe Northenz }ratiolls p 74; C HAP TI; Of tbe fUligioll "tuhic'b p"'~vailed in (Jj~; North; and particularly in Scandinavia; after tbe death oj o di,l p 84; C H A P ,TIL; Of the Exterior Wor/bip a1uJ Religious Cere-·; m-omfS of the Nor/henz Nations p 1 ~4; C HAP VIII; Of the form of Government which formerly; prro,7iled i'l the }tortb~ p 1-56; C H A The pajJiolt oj tbe G1l1ietzt Scandina'Vians for; Arms: tbeir Valour: the ma1lner in wbicb; they made War A Digrejjio1t concerning;

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