History of Greece

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Author  C. W. C. Oman
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 4, 2015
ISBN  1440071373
Pages  648

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Excerpt from History of Greece: From the Earliest Times to the Macedonian Conquest

A Second Edition of this hook being required within eighteen months of the appearance of the first, the author is enabled to make certain alterations and additions, which appear necessary or at any rate advisable.

The most important changes are due to the discovery of the Aristotelian. The information derived from it imposes on the author the task of rewriting a considerable number of the pages dealing with the history of Athens. Whether produced under the immediate superintendence of Aristotle or not, the work is at any rate a genuine production of the end of the fourth century, and all its statements deserve consideration. Some of them indeed cannot be accepted - for example, the story of Themistocles' intrigues against the Areopagus is quite impossible. In other cases the new book directly contradicts an authority who was contemporary with the events he narrates; as in the details which it gives about the constitution of the "Four Hundred" in 411 B.C., where Thucydides is hopelessly at variance with it. In such instances the author has followed the contemporary rather than the. But in most of its pages the new book gives us information that can be accepted, and the author has incorporated, with due caution, as much of it as he could contrive.

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