The Roman and the Teuton, a Series of Lectures...

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Author  Charles Kingsley
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
ISBN  1440068194
Pages  408

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The responsibility of a teacher of History in Cambridge is in itself very heavy: but doubly heavy in the case of one who sees among his audience many men as fit, it may be some more fit, to fill this Chair: and again, more heavy still, when one succeeds to a man whose learning, like his virtues, one can never hope to equal. But a Professor, I trust, is like other men, capable of improvement; and the great law, docendo disces may be fulfilled in him, as in other men. Meanwhile, I can only promise that such small powers as I possess will be honestly devoted to this Professorate; and that I shall endeavour to teach Modern History after a method which shall give satisfaction to the Rulers of this Uni
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