Euripides and His Age


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Author  Gilbert Murray
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   April 17, 2010
ISBN  1440068151
Pages  266

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EURIPIDES AND HIS AGE CHAPTER I introductory Most of the volumes of this series are occupied with large subjects and subjects commonly recognized as important to great masses of people at the present day. In devoting the present volume to the study of a single writer, remote from us in time and civilization and scarcely known by more than name to many readers of the Library, I am moved by the belief that, quite apart from his disputed greatness as a poet and thinker, apart from his amazing and perhaps unparalleled success as a practical playwright, Euripides is a figure of high significance in the history of humanity and of special interest to our own generation. Born, according to the legend, in exile and fated to die in exile, Euripides, in whatever light one regards him, is a man of curious and ironic history. As a poet he has lived 7

Table of Contents

I Introductory 7; II Sources for a Life of Euripides : Memories remaining in the fourth CENtury : Youth : Athens after the Persian War: the great Sophists 20; III What is a Greek Tragedy ? Euripides'; early Plays up to 438 bc, " Alcestis "; and "Telephus" 60; IV Beginning of the War : the Plays; of Maturity from " Medea " to; " Heracles Si; V Full Expression : the Embittering of the War : Alcibiades and the Demagogues : the " Ion " : the " Trojan Women n107; VI After 415: Euripides' last years in Athens : from " Andromeda " and " iphigenia " to " electra " and " Orestes "142; VII After 408 : Macedonia : " Iphigenia in; Aulis " : " Bacchae " 165; 6; CONTENTS; CHAPTER PACE; vtii The Art of Euripides: Traditional Form and Living Spirit : the Prologue, the Messenger, the " God from the Machine"158; IX The Art of Euripides, continued : The; Chorus : Conclusion 228; Bibliography 247; Note on the Pronunciation of Names 251; Index253

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