The Power of the Pope During the Middle Ages...

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Author  Jean Edmé Auguste Gosselin
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
ISBN  144006802X
Pages  400

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Religion, Philosophy, and General Literature. It is published in the months of January, A pril, July, and October. By arrangements with Mr. Brownson, Mr. Dolman is authorized to issue a reprint of each number simultaneously with the publication of the original in A merica. To this edition an extra sheet will be appended, containing reviews and notices of new works of Catholic interest published in Great Britain or the Continent. This additional matter is committed to the charge of a literary gentleman of competent ability. This Edition is printed in similar type as the original, with which it conforms page with page. All works intended for notice, and all advertisements, must be sent to the publisher not less than a fortnight before the time of publication. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: TWELVE SHILLINGS PERANNUM paid in advance ;or, if sent free by post, FOURTEENS hillings per Annum. N.B. No Subscription received for a shorter time than one year, and each Subscription must be for the entire current volume. %T le usual allowance to the Trade. The following letter shows the great estimation in which this Review is held by the Bishops of the United States :B altimore, 13th May, 1840. DEAR. SIR, After the close of our Council, I suggested to our venerable Metropolitan the propriety of encouraging you by our approbation and influence to continue your literary labours in defence of the fa ith.of which you have proved an able and intrepid advocate. He received the suggestion most readily, and I take the liberty of communicating the fact to you, as a mark of my sincere esteem, and of the deep interest I fel in your excellent Review. I shall beg of him, and of other prelates who entertain the same views, to subscribe their names in confirmation of my statement. Your very devoted friend, fFRANCIS PATRICK KENRICK, O. A. BROWNSON, Esq. Bishop of Philadelphia, tSAMUEL, Archbish
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