The Mediterranean Race


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Author  G. Sergi
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 17, 2012
ISBN  1440066981
Pages  354

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ViiEN this little book was first published in an Italian edition in 1895, and in a German edition in 1897, I was still unable to obtain many anthropological data needed to complete tha picture of the primitive inhabitants of Europe. In the English edition the book is less incomplete, richer in anthropological and ethnological documents, and hence more conclusive ;it also contains replies to various objections which have been brought forward. This English edition, therefore, is not so much a translation of a work already published as a new book, both in form and arrangement. The conclusions I have sought to maintain arc the following: (i.) The primitive populations ol Europe, after Homo Neandertlialensis, originated in A frica; these constituted the entire population of.N eplitliictimes. (2.) The basin of the Mediterranean was the chief centre of movement whence the African migrations reached the centre and the north of Europe.
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