The Education of the Greek People and Its Influence...


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Author  Thomas Davidson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
ISBN  1440065802
Pages  250

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The history of education is best studied when taken in that large sense in which nations are said to be teachers, each people bringing its ethnical contribution to the civilization of the human race. In so far as a nation invents ethical means to overcome the obstacles that it finds to its free development, it offers education to other nations by furnishing an object lesson in solving the problem of life. Such lessons have been furnished by the English nation in achieving what is known as local self-government, inventing devices by which the extreme of individualism is harmonized with the centralized interest of the whole people J; by the German nation a quite different lesson, through the perfection of its system of endowing a centralized government with the power of securing in its service those of its citizens possessed of the most powerful wills and wide-seeing intellects; by the French nation another lesson, in training a whole people in the art of tasteful arrangement of all their productions, whether material or spiritual, so as to reenforce all things useful by the addition of the beautiful.
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