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Author  A. H. Sayce
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 13, 2012
ISBN  1440063672
Pages  166

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Nineveh. For generations the great oppressing city had slept buried beneath the fragments of its own ruins, its his tory lost, its very site forgotten. I ts name had passed into the region of myth even in the age of the classical writers of Greece andR ome ;N inos or Nineveh had become a hero-king about whom strange legends were told, and whose conquests were fabled to have extended from theM editerranean to I ndia. Little was known of the history of the mighty Assyrian Empire beyond what might be learnt from theO ld Testament, and that little was involved in doubt and obscurity. Scholars wrote long treatises to reconcile the statements of Greek historians with those of Scripture, but they only succeeded in evolving theories which were contradicted and over thrown by the next writer. There was none so bold as to suggest that the history and life of Assyria were still lying hidden beneath the ground, ready to rise up and disclose their secrets at the touch of a magicians
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