The Hittites

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Author  A. H. Sayce
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   November 16, 2016
ISBN  1440062404
Pages  152

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The Hittites: The Story of a Forgotten Empire is a history text written by A.H. Sayce and an excellent example of the early historical research conducted on the topic.

The Hittites were an Anatolian people living in what is now Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. The empire started in the 18th century BCE, peaking in the 14th century BCE and finally trailing off around 1180 BCE with the collapse of the Bronze Age. Author Sayce traces the history of the Hittite people, attempting to demonstrate that this was an empire of significance that is not afforded the credit it deserves. The book begins with an analysis of the references to the Hittite people in The Bible, which is an oft-cited source of information throughout Sayce's work. Divided into chapters, the book goes on to explore topics such as Hittite monuments, the Hittite Empire, Hittite cities, Hittite religion and art, and the trade and industry of the Hittities, amongst other topics. Several illustrations are included, primarily of Hittite artifacts. The book concludes with a detailed index.

Sayce's history of the Hittites is a commendable effort. The author uses the evidence available to create a compelling argument for the historical importance of the Hittite people. The book is well written and an enjoyable read. The Hittites: The Story of a Forgotten Empire will certainly appeal to history buffs and students.

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