Cyrus, the Great


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Author  Jacob Abbott
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   April 19, 2010
ISBN  144006153X
Pages  292

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CYRUS was the founder of the ancient Persian empire and monarchy, perhaps, the most wealthy and magnificent which the world had ever seen. or that strange and incomprihensible principle of human Nature, uder the influence of whioh masses of men, notwithstanding the universal instinct of aversion to control, combine, under certain circumstances, by millions and millions, to maintain, for many sucssessive centuries, the representatives of some one great family in a condition of exalted, and absolute, and utterly irresponsible power oyer themselves, while they toil for them, watch over them, submit to endless and most humiliating pri~stiODB in their behalf, and commit, If commanded to do the most inexcusable and atrocious crimes to sustain the demigods

Table of Contents

CONTENTS; Chape7 Par'e; I HERODo'tt1S AND XE~OPYON ___ p _______ ___ 13; 11 THE BIRTH OF CyRUS •••• _ 3-1; III THE VISIT 1'0 MTlDZA~ __ • _________________ 68; IV CR
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