Records of the Past


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Author  Samuel Birch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 18, 2012
ISBN  1440060681
Pages  184

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New Series of the Records of the Past comes to an end. The public seems to prefer books about the ancient inscriptions of theO riental world rather than translations of the inscriptions themselves, and it would therefore be un desirable to continue to publish them. The curiosity excited by the first attempts at the decipherment of theE gyptian and Assyrian texts appears now to be satisfied, and even students of theO ld Testament are contented to allow questions which bear directly on Biblical history and interpretation to be settled by the small but enthusiastic body of workers in the fields of Egyptian and Assyrian research. And yet an interest in the old monuments of the civilised East is no longer confined to the nations of the west. Egyptians, as is fitting, have begun to ex amine for themselves the past records of their own country, and the last volume of the ZeitscJ irift filr A ssyriologie contains a learned and valuable article by a Japanese Assyriologist (M r. Le Gac) on one of the oldest Sumerian texts which the soil of Babylonia has bequeathed to us.
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