Records of the Past


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Author  Samuel Birch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 27, 2012
ISBN  1440060673
Pages  194

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Mr. G. Bertin, whose contributions to Assyriology had secured for him a foremost place in the small band of Assyrian scholars. Like M. A miaud, he had especially devoted himself to the study of Sumerian, in which, therefore, his loss will be particularly felt. His valuable contribution to the third volume of the present series of Records of the Past on the precepts of early Sumerian agriculture was one of the last literary works upon which he was engaged. The tablets discovered at Tel el-A marna naturally continue to absorb a large part of the attention both of Assyriologists and of Egyptologists, so far, at least, as they have been published, since the collection contained in the British Museum is still, at the moment of my writing this, inaccessible to scholars. Repeated examination of the originals is clearing up doubtful points in the text and correcting the read ings of the first copyists.
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