Julian the Apostate, Vol. 2


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Author  Gaetano Negri
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   April 19, 2010
ISBN  1440055351
Pages  332

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WHILE Julian felt his life in jeopardy, because of the suspicion and jealousy of Constantius, or even during the time when he represented him in the government of Gaul, he naturally concealed his ideas, his faith, and those intentions which he could only accomplish if he should ever attain supreme power. During all these years of necessary dissimulation, the young enthusiast, who amidst the cares of war and administration never neglected his studies and meditations, became ever more fervently zealous in his love of Hellenism, and in his desire to save it from the danger of invading Christianity, his ardour necessarily becoming more intense because of his inability to express it openly. But ever remembering his strained relations with Constantius, he took pains not to compromise himself by any act that might some day create insuperable difficulties.

Table of Contents

CONTENTS; PAGE; JULI~N'S ACTION AGAINST CHRISTIANITY 32 I; Religious Tolerance and Administrative SeverityThe; Episode of the Bishop George-Popular; Tumults and the Persecutions of the ChristiansThe; Destruction by Fire of the Temple of Apollo; -The Exiled Christians recalled - Persecution; of Athanasius-The Bishop of Bostra-The; "School Law"; JULIAN'S DISILLUSION 42 I; The General Indifference-The "Case" of Pegasius; - The JJ£iSOPOgOlt - Analysis of the SatireImportance; of the iJfisopogoll; THE SOVEREIGN AND THE MAN 471; Judgment of Ammianus-Judgment of Gregory-The; Vritings of Julian - The Panegyrics of Constantius; - The Banquet of the Ccesars - The; Epistle to Themistius - The Exhortation to; Sallustius-The Letters to Iamblichus-Letters; to Friends-The Books of George-Administrative; Reforms-Julian and Eusebia-J ulian; and Helena; v; VI CONTENTS; CONCLUSION; A Retrospective Glance-The Two Principles of; Christianity-Absence of Doctrinal ApparatusGnosticism; - Religion and Philosophy - The; Position of Julian-Puritan Polytheism-Julian; did not

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