A Short History of Freethought, Ancient and Modern...

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Author  J. M. Robertson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 12, 2012
ISBN  1440055238
Pages  502

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Culture Beginnings, toE nnius and the Greeks -192 2. Lucretius, Cicero, Caesar -198 3. Decline under theE mpire -204 4. The higher Pagan ethics -213 CHAP. VII. ANCIENT CHRISTIANITY AND ITS OPPONENTS. i. Freethought in the Gospels :contradictory forces -217 2. The Epistles :their anti-rationalism -224 3. A nti-pagan rationalism. The Gnostics -225 4. Rationalistic heresy. A rius. Pelagius. Jovinian. A erius. Vigilantius. The religious wars 231 5. A nti-christian thought: its decline. Celsus. Last lights of critical thought. Macrobius. Theodore. Photinus. The expulsion of science. The appropriation of pagan endowments -238 6. The intellectual and moral decadence. Boethius -247 CHAP. VIII. FREETHOUGHT UNDER ISLAM. i. Mohammed and his contemporaries. Early Zendekism 254 The Influence of the Koran -258 Saracen freethought in theE ast. The Motazilites. The Spread of Culture. Intellectual Collapse -260 4. El-M arri andO marK hayyam 269 5. Arab Philosophy and Moorish freethought. A vempace. A bubacer. A verroes. I bn Khaldun -273 6. Rationalism in later I slam. Sufiism. Babism in contemporary Persia. Freethinking in Mohammedan India and Africa -280 CHAP. IX. CHRISTENDOM IN THE MIDDLE AGES 286 i. I conoclasm. Leo. Photius. Michael -286 2. The early Paulicians -- 288 3. Virgilius. Claudius. A gobard. John Scotus. The case of Gottschalk. Berengar. Roscelin. Nominalism andR ealism. Heresy in Florence and in France 291 4. The Paulicians (C athari) in Western Europe :their anticipation of Protestantism. A buses of the Church and Papacy. Vogue of anti-clerical heresy. Peter deB rueys. Eudo. Paterini. Waldenses -306 5. The crusade against Albigensian heresy. Arrest of Proven9al civilisation :R ise and character of the Inquisition 317 6. Freethought in theS chools :T he problem set to A nselm. Testimony of Giraldus Cambrensis :S imon ofT ournay. A bailard. John of Salisbury 3
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