Celtic Scotland a History of Ancient Alban...

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Author  William Forbes Skene
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
ISBN  1440055106
Pages  552

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Celtic Scotland having now been called for, the author is glad to have this opportunity of correcting any mistakes of the press which have occurred in it. As this volume deals with the early land tenures and social condition of the Celtic inhabitants of Scotland, in which a number of obsolete terms and old Celtic A vords occur, it is peculiarly liable to mistakes of this kind, and the author has revised the text in this view with great care, but he does not find that he has any material alteration to make in the views he has ex pressed, or the conclusions he has come to, as these are, in fact, the outcome of years of careful research into this very o)scure subject. Edinburgh, 27 I nverleith How, 1th July
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