The Whole Works of Xenophon

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Author  Xenophon Xenophon
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 23, 2012
ISBN  1440053804
Pages  764

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And I thought I observed many masters, in their own private houses, some possessing more servants, some but very few, who yet were not able to preserve those few entirely obedient to their commands. I considered withal that keepers of oxen, and keepers of horses are, as it were the magistrates and rulers of those oxen and horses ;and, in general, all those called pastors or herdsmen may be properly accounted the magistrates of the animals they rule. I saw, I thought, all these several herds more willing to obey their pastors, than men their magistrates; for these herds go the way that their keepers direct them ;they feed on those lands on which their keepers place them; they abstain from those from which their keepers drive them; they suffer their keepers to make what use they please of the fruits and profits that arise from them. Besides, I never did perceive a herd conspiring against its keepers, either so as not to obey them, or so as not to allow them the use of the fruits arising from them. Herds are rather more refractory towards any others than they are towards their rulers, and those who make profit of them; but men conspire Xenophon sC yropadia or Institution of Cyrus, from external evidence and because it contradicts other historians, is not considered as an authentic history, but rather aa an historical romance, showing what should be the conduct of a wise and virtuous monarch. 1against none sooner than against those whom they perceive undertaking the government of them. When these things were in my mind, I came to this judgment on them ;that to man it was easier to rule every other sort of creature than to rule man. But when I considered that there was the Persian Cyrus, who had rendered many men, many cities, and many nations, obedient to himself, I was necessitated to change my opinion, and to think that the government of men was not amongst th
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