A Popular Account of the Ancient Egyptians...

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Author  John Gardner Wilkinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 18, 2012
ISBN  144005309X
Pages  456

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In Vol. II. I%os with prefixed are new tvoodcuts; with new woodcuts copied from lithographs of the previous work. tF rontispiece Mode of transporting a large colossus from the quarries. The statue is bound upon a sledge with ropes; on the knee stands a man beating time with his hands, and giving out a verse of a song; another stands on the base, and pours a green liquid, evidently grease, from a vase, before the sledge. In the upper line are companies of soldiers carrying green twigs; then four rows of men, forty-three in each, dragging the statue with ropes; and in the lowest line are others bearing implements, and vases of grease, or other liquids, followed by superintendents, or task-masters; and behind the statue are other superintendents, and perhaps reliefs of men. CHAPTER VI Vignette H. Khdnf ud, or clod-crushing macnine Woodcut 356. SA arfdo for watering the lands .. 357. Cattle rescued from the inundation 358. Sowing 359. Ploughing and hoeing 360. Yoke of an ancient plough found in a tomb 361. Wooden hoes .... 362. Wooden hoes in theB erlin Museum 363. Hoeing and sowing the land and felling trees 364. Pigs; rarely seen in the sculptures 365. Plants from the sculptures 366. Ploughing, sowing, and reaping 367.
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