Institutes of Ecclesiastical History

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Author  Johann Lorenz Mosheim
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 20, 2012
ISBN  1440053081
Pages  498

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Propagation of Christianity in Hyrcania and Tartary. 2. Conversion of the Germans by Boniface. 3. Other Expeditions and Successes of Boniface. 4. Estimate of his A postleship. 5. Other Apostles of Germany. 6. Expedition of Charlemagne against the Saxons. $7. Estimate of his Conversions. J8. The Reputed Miracles of this Century. 1. WHILE the Mohammedans were falling upon and subjugating the fairest provinces of A sia, and diminishing every where the lustre and reputation of Christianity, the Nestorians of Chaldea were blessing with the knowledge of heavenly truth those barbarous nations, called Scythians by the ancients and by the moderns Tartars, living on this side Mount I maus, and not subject to the Saracens. It is now ascertained that Timotheus the Nestorian pontiff, who attained that dignity A.D. 778, imbued wim a knowledge of Christianity by the ministry of Subckal Jesu whom he created a bishop, first the Gelae and Dailamites, nations of Hyrcania; and afterwards by other missionaries, the rest of the nations of Hyrcania, Bactria, Margiana, and Sogdiana.(l) It is also certain, that Christianity (1) Thomas Margensis, Historiae Monasticae lib. iii., in Jos. Sim. A sseman s Bibliotheca Orient. Vatic., torn, iii., pt. i., p. 4-91. See also the Bibliotheca, torn, iii., pt. ii., cap. ix., v., p. cccclxxviii. D r. Mosheim, in his Historia Tartarorum ecclesias-tica, p. 13, c., relying chiefly on the preceding authorities, states that Timotheus, who was patriarch of the NeS torians from A.D. 777 to A.D. 820, planned the mission to these nations inhabiting the shores of the Caspian Sea; and that he selected for its execution one Subchal Jcsu, a learned monk of the Nestorian monastery of Beth-A ben in Assyria well skilled in the Syriac, A rabic, and Persian languages, ordained him bishop, and sent him forth. Subchal made numerous converts among the Gelae and Daila
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